A Construction Site Security Guard When You Need One

If your property is in need of construction site security guard, United Protective Services LLC is the company to call. Construction security is no matter to easily dismiss. Criminals often target unprotected construction sites for easy access to valuable equipment and materials. However, one of the biggest concerns at construction sites is fire. The National Fire Protection Association found that 55 civilians are either wounded or killed by fires at construction sites per year, with nearly $200 million in property damages. United Protective Services is a premier provider of construction site security in Denver, offering dedicated fire watch patrols as well as visible and effective security presence meant to deter criminals.

In most cases, simply having uniformed security on site is more than enough to discourage criminals and upset employees from devious behavior. However, when a hostile situation does arise, having excellent security can be the difference in protecting lives and property. United Protective Services has decades of experience, the best equipment, and first-rate training in de-escalating or appropriately neutralizing these types of situations.

Criminals or fires can strike at any time, but we are always ready: our services are round-the-clock every day of the year, including holidays. This means that you or your company can rest assured knowing that your assets are protected indefinitely.

Our company is not strictly limited to construction site security either, as we are fully capable of protecting residences (large and small), events, and corporate property. For more information on all of United Protective Services LLC’s offerings and how they can be tailored to a company or private individual’s needs, please visit our contact page. We can also be reached via the number at the top of your screen.

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