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United Protective Services is a top tier security guard company operating in the Denver area that provides a variety of security services. These offerings range from event security and fire watch patrols to corporate and residential security services in Denver. Our company is fully licensed and bonded, with highly trained security personnel and a commitment to excellence.

Our residential security services can be utilized by virtually any gated community, apartment or condominium complexes, large family residences, and hotels. The services we provide are intended to be fully visible — as a deterrent for would-be criminals — yet low profile so as not to impede the daily lives of occupants and various support staff. Our security guards are uniformed and drive marked vehicles to maintain high visibility. Moreover, all personnel are fully expected to be courteous and professional at all times, while also providing a needed sense of authority to maintain safety and order. As with any of our security services, our residential security teams work around the clock every day of the year, including holidays, to provide a safe and functioning atmosphere.

At United Protective Services we also offer construction security and fire watch patrols. Every year there are hundreds of fire-related accidents, some fatal, at construction sites around the United States. These accidents are easily preventable with dedicated fire watch and security personnel.

Our security services are intended to be fully customizable by our clients to fit their specific needs. For more information on all of our security services call the number at the top of your screen or visit our contact page. Our expert representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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United Protective Services L.L.C. provides outstanding security services for all types of organizations and individuals.

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