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If you are in need of an excellent security guard company, look no further than United Protective Services LLC. Our firm is among the best in Colorado at providing top tier security services for events, corporations, construction sites, and residences. Investing in security for any scenario is always advisable, keeping both assets and lives safe.

Private residences and corporate settings can both benefit from professional security details on site. At United Protective Services, we strive to maintain a highly visible, yet understated presence on the properties we protect. This way clients can feel secure, yet not encumbered or impeded by our services. Our officers are also well trained to monitor property incessantly, providing a watchful eye and a presence of authority that is meant to deter potential bad actors from creating a hostile situation. In the event that our presence does not deter a perpetrator, our officers are experts in de-escalation tactics —and in more serious scenarios, handling dangerous situations in a manner that is both proportional and appropriate.


Many security companies in Denver are unable to provide the customizable experience that we offer. Our services are effective in nearly any location and can be tailored to a client’s specific needs. We can offer armed or unarmed security, vehicle patrols, and more.

Our security teams are just as effective at securing residences as well as corporate properties. Construction sites can benefit from additional protection in the form of dedicated fire watch personnel.

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Our customer service representatives are happy to assist with any questions you may have on our services. Visit our contact page or call us at the number on the top of your screen for more information. 

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United Protective Services L.L.C. provides outstanding security services for all types of organizations and individuals.

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