Armed Security and Unarmed Security

Whether to use armed security or unarmed security is an important choice for any organization or individual in need of security services. Both options are offered by United Protective Services LLC and both provide an unparalleled level of protection for clients.

The first thing prospective security service clients should realize is that unarmed service is an extremely powerful weapon on its own and is entirely sufficient in the majority of circumstances. On the other hand, there are circumstances where armed security is essential. At United Protective Services, our security options are consistently flexible, meaning our clients have the power to choose which option suits their needs best. If you or your organization is uncertain which option makes more sense, our experts are more than happy to help you come to a decision.

Why Choose Armed Security?

Armed security sends a crystal-clear message to would-be wrongdoers that hostile or disruptive activity can be met with lethal force is necessary. De-escalation is always our preferred response, but when would-be bad actors know that armed security personnel are on the lookout and ready to act, the deterrence level is extremely high. We most commonly see armed security personnel at banks, jewelry stores, and any other places that keep extremely valuable material on hand that may tempt the most serious career criminals. It is also increasingly used for hospitals, campuses, and all types of organizations or businesses that are considered especially sensitive for one reason or another.

Why Choose Unarmed Security

Most clients’ needs can be provided entirely through unarmed security. Most types of business and residential complexes and retail/entertainment spaces in most areas simply don’t require an armed presence when unarmed security is present and ready to summon law enforcement in the event of something truly unexpected.

A visible uniformed presence, surveillance technology, and standard de-escalation techniques are extremely powerful weapons that are usually sufficient. Moreover, armed security with an overly large footprint can make some patrons or staff feel uncomfortable. Our goal is always to make authorized personnel feel welcome and safe.

United Protective Services offers highly trained security personnel who can handle the large majority of situations without the need for any physical force – that’s the aim of all competent security professionals.

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Our security experts can help you weigh your options, drawing on decades of experience and industry best practices. We ensure that our personnel are always at their best through the use of the very latest in guard touring technology. If you're unsure of which choice is the best solution for your security guard service needs, we encourage you to give us a call at the number on your screen or via our contact page.

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