Construction Security Services: Questions and Answers

How Important is Construction Site Security?

Since construction sites tend to be unglamorous, many laypeople don’t understand the value of the materials and equipment on hand. Copper wire is probably the most frequently stolen building material. However, even more valuable vehicles and heavy equipment are sometimes purloined by enterprising thieves.

While such mischief as vandalism might seem like a relatively minor matter, vandals can cause costly damage. Even tagging and graffiti can be more serious than they might seem, especially if the content of graffiti involves hate speech or area gangs marking their territory. Moreover, construction sites present special dangers that may cause harm and bring on liability issues.

What is the Best Type of Security for a Construction Site?

Construction on-site security patrols can protect an area in numerous ways. First, simply having a presence can discourage bad actors from targeting a site. The more visible the security, the more likely would-be perpetrators are to move on in search of easier targets. When that fails, it’s crucial to have an extremely well-trained team of professionals who know how to handle difficult situations as well as state-of-the-art surveillance technology.

What Kind of Tactics Do Effective Private Security Firms Use at Construction Sites?

At United Protective Services LLC, we always emphasize a de-escalatory approach for the properties we protect, and construction sites are no different. That means staying calm and attempting to reason with any unwanted parties who may show up. In most cases, quiet but firm persuasion is enough to persuade unwanted guests to move along before things get too uncomfortable. When more difficult situations arise, we are ready to contact authorities and take immediate action as the situation requires.

What is the Best Security Firm for Construction Sites in Colorado?

United Protective Services LLC combines a commitment to the thoughtful deployment of expert security personnel with the latest in surveillance technology to offer the very best in construction site security, corporate security services, and more.

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