Corporate Security Services and Your Bottom Line

Companies need to make profits – but cutting costs by too much can lead to no profits at all if it's in a vital area. Corporate security services are one place where spending too little can result in major losses in terms of lost property, liability, and other matters. At the same time, spending more than you need to on anything is never a good idea. How do you know you’re spending neither too much nor too little? At United Security Services LLC, we believe it’s a matter of strategy.

What are the Top Security Priorities for Businesses?

Companies have a moral duty to ensure the safety of their customers and employees but they also have a legal duty; they can be sued for enormous sums if they can be shown to be negligent in the event of a serious incident. Even vandalism, petty theft, and other relatively minor issues can chip away not only at the bottom line of a company in terms of lost inventory or costly repairs, but also in terms of a business’s public image and employee morale. It might be hard to estimate the costs of a downgraded image or over-stressed employees but they are real and they can turn into dollars-and-cents problems.

What is the Most Cost Efficient Kind of Corporate Security?

Specific services will vary a great deal from business to business but, in general, a visible presence at the points of entry and in high-value areas is the easiest way to discourage most potential security threats. This usually translates into uniformed security personnel near the entrances of businesses or in areas where would-be wrongdoers are most likely to attempt a misdeed.

The same applies to clearly marked vehicles as part of vehicle patrol services. They are often used to patrol large parking areas or construction sites and can maintain a wider field of vision. Especially at night, patrol cars may be difficult for would-be wrongdoers to distinguish from police cars, adding to the deterrent effect.

In many cases, however, it may not be practical to have 24-hour human security on the premises, particularly for smaller operations. An electronic security surveillance system may be the most cost-efficient option. After all, machines can work indefinitely and never expect over time. Moreover, staged properly, signs warning of surveillance can have a similar deterrent effect for would-be offenders.

How Can a Company Decide on the Most Cost-Effective Security for Its Needs?

Contacting an outstanding security provider like United Protective Services in Denver, Colorado may be your best bet. Our team of highly experienced professionals is here to take a close look at properties and design a security plan tailored to your needs.

To learn more, call United Protective Services LLC today at the number on your screen or via our contact page.

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