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While security guards are able to monitor stationary points, a courtesy patrol employs marked vehicles to secure a larger area and provide a range of protective measures, not only in terms of preventing crime but to help occupants with any issues that may arise. Here at United Protective Services L.L.C., our team boasts decades of experience creating security strategies that protect larger properties from a host of threats ranging from vandalism to theft and potential harm to life and limb from a range of sources. While both violent and property crime increased substantially between 2013 and 2018 in the state of Colorado and remains a serious threat nationwide, we know how to make sure the areas we cover are safe and sound.

In terms of courtesy patrol services, the presence of marked cars and uniformed personnel can improve the security of a business or residential property in at least two distinct ways. First, patrol members are able to deal with any potential threats or issues that they spot and take appropriate action in a timely manner. Second, their visibility acts as a clear warning to would-be vandals, thieves, and other bad actors who, more often than not, will tend to retreat and go elsewhere after spotting a courtesy patrol car.       

Of course, especially in venues which are open to the public, preventive security has its limits; all sorts of issues can and do arise. When that happens, our personnel are more than up to the task. Importantly, whenever conflicts happen, we always seek to deescalate conflicts, preventing minor incidents from becoming major problems. Even in instances where a patrol person catches a criminal in the commission of a crime such as breaking into a vehicle, a firm but calm approach can usually resolve the situation while minimizing the risk of a more serious breach of security. As for dealing with a building’s rightful occupants and the general public, we take the term “courtesy patrol” both seriously and literally.

Comprehensive Security from United Protective Services L.L.C.

While courtesy patrol service is needed to secure the perimeter of large residential and business properties, it is not the whole story. United Protective Services L.L.C. also knows how to deploy numerous strategies that have proven highly effective in terms of protecting lives and property. From utilizing the latest in audio and video surveillance to securing the entrances to business and residential complexes, we offer a complete package of services designed to maximize safety for all kinds of properties.

To find out more about our services, which include security for public and private events as well as for high profile individuals, call us at the phone number above. You can also get in touch with via e-mail through our contact page.

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