Fire Watch Patrol in Denver: A Matter of Life and Death

A fire watch patrol in Denver can be a matter of life and death for a business, many livelihoods, and even, very literally, for one or many people.  United Protective Services LLC offers fire watch services so that owners and managers of business and residential properties can rest assured that fire safety measures are in full force at all times. If regular fire protection measures – alarms, fire sprinklers, etc. – are going to be temporarily down while they are being repaired or replaced, fire watch is needed to ensure that the property is never without protection. We are able to provide the firefighting and security personnel to ensure that both completed properties and those still under construction are as safe from the threat of a fire as possible.

Just look at the local news on any given day in Denver or any Western city, and you’re likely to see an array of fire and fire-related news stories – and that’s not only during the hot and dry summer months. The threat of a fire is real and ever-present. Whether the cause is arson, an errant spark from a barbecue or an electrical malfunction, the results can be enormously destructive. Fortunately, our outstanding fire watch team is here to help businesses in Colorado and beyond to ensure that errant sparks do not become unstoppable infernos.

If your business is looking at a short or longer term period where regular fire protection systems are likely to be offline, our team at United Protective Services is here to help. To get started, reach out to us at the phone number above or visit our contact page.

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