Honesty & Integrity in Security Services: Trust, but Verify

Honesty and integrity are essential for corporate security services. That reflects a security firm’s commitment to protecting the interests of its clients; it also means transparency that promotes trust between an organization and a security provider.

Security firms vary widely in terms of their practices. At United Protective Services LLC, however, integrity means that we monitor ourselves to ensure we consistently perform outstanding work that puts the needs of clients, workers, and residents ahead of our own. Our honesty is reflected by our transparency in keeping clients informed.

Good communication is the most important tool for avoiding problems in any business. At United Protective Services, we keep our highly valued clients fully informed on how our work is progressing. If issues either external or internal appear, we speak in depth with clients and provide a speedy and effective solution.

How Do Security Services Maintain Transparency?

The team at United Security Services is among the finest and most trustworthy collection of security professionals in the business. However, we also acknowledge the wisdom of the proverb, “trust, but verify.” We take advantage of the best and latest in surveillance technology at all times.

This includes:

  • Touring Software: Foot patrols are routinely monitored with the latest and best in touring software. This technology verifies that security personnel reach all checkpoints. The result is that rounds are completed efficiently without risking disrupting the daily workflow.
  • GPS Monitoring: Our vehicle patrol services are widely praised for their efficiency and effectiveness. Even so, we keep regular tabs on their movements. If vehicles appear to be leaving their usual routes, it could be a sign of trouble. We remain in constant touch with our team and quickly resolve problems.
  • CCTV: Closed circuit TV is a time-tested technology that remains a key part of a full-service electronic security surveillance system, especially for larger locations. Cameras can be monitored either by in-house personnel or remotely. While they can be used to deter and/or identify intruders, they can also be used to monitor personnel, preventing petty theft and enforcing company policies as needed. Moreover, even as CCTV monitors suspected wrongdoers, it also covers security guards’ response, ensuring it is according to policy.

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