Hotel Security Keeps Guests and their Belongings Safe

Simply put, nothing can cause online reviews to plummet quicker than safety concerns. Hiring outstanding hotel security to protect your guests and staff from trespassers and other troublemakers can likewise protect your hotel’s reputation—and more importantly, keep everyone safe and avoid theft-related headaches.

Why Do Bad Actors Target Hotels?

If you have 40 rooms in a hotel, chances are that’s at least 40 televisions, 40 sets of furniture, and 40 rooms’ worth of guest belongings—not to mention the valuables that guests frequently travel with, such as computers, tablets, and phones. Plus, many hotels have business rooms, game rooms, gyms, and more—again, all loaded with pricey equipment.

Beyond theft and vandalism, hotels are also commonly home to pools, bars, and other fun spots that trespassers might want to take advantage of – or which guests themselves can make problematic with less than ideal behavior. If there’s no security guard service to keep bad actors out or to prevent unruly guests from acting out, the kind of paying customers you want to return and say nice things about their stay may not be happy with their experience and refuse to do business again or, worse, take their complaints to Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Hotel Security Keeps Guests Safe

The vast majority of criminals prefer to have nothing to do with authorities. By posting hotel security visibly, guests will feel safer and wrongdoers will look for easier targets. Moreover, if a disturbance does occur, security guards can de-escalate the situation before it gets out of hand.

Hotel Security Can Also Be an Extension of Customer Service

Security guards can fulfill more than one function. While they’re looking out to stop trouble before it starts, they can also be helpful to guests in any number of ways, making their experience not only safer but more pleasant.

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