Private Security

Private security is typically required for corporations, large-scale events, and residential complexes to operate safely and efficiently. The risks associated with ignoring security concerns range from severely impeding daily operations or ruining tenants’ or guests’ experiences to, at the extreme, placing employees and guests in potential danger.

At United Protective Services LLC, we offer premier private security in Denver. With our service, you can be sure that your daily operations go as planned and welcomed guests feel safe.

The Benchmarks of Top-Tier Security

Through a combination of technology and excellent training, you can be sure that every security guard Denver and Colorado clients is ready to protect your personnel and interests without compromise.

We Only Hire the Best

The individuals who make up our security teams are handpicked through a detailed and rigorous selection process that takes into account experience, training, and behavior. Only the most capable recruits are chosen to join our team after clearing a background check and demonstrating they can maintain a professional and vigilant demeanor at all times.

Advanced Surveillance Documents Events

Our state-of-the-art CCTV cameras are networked, providing security management and clients with crystal-clear and timely views of all relevant locations. In the event of a disturbance, archived footage can be downloaded to present to authorities and other parties for evidence.

Guard Touring Tech Provides Accountability

Guard touring technology keeps track of our security guards, which provides two key benefits:

  • • Our guards are kept accountable by ensuring that routes and checkpoints are properly maintained at set timestamps.
  • • We can actively track our personnel. If a disturbance occurs, we can appropriately respond without compromising other areas of our protective blanket.

Vehicle Patrols Allow for Rapid Response

If a problematic or dangerous situation arises, a minimal response time can mean a world of difference. In addition to providing enhanced visibility, vehicle patrols allow our security teams to quickly respond to potential disturbances.

Private Security for a Variety of Environments

At United Protective Services, we have experience protecting construction sites, condominiums, hospitals, and more. Regardless of the setting, our clients can expect the highest quality of private security services.

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