Security Guard Services Protect Lives, Property, and Reputation

Security guard services are essential for maintaining a safe and orderly environment for your residential complex, construction site, or corporate/commercial property. The site’s level of safety, or lack thereof, could make all the difference when guests, customers, or tenants are deciding on whether or not to select a specific venue for their services.

At United Protective Services, we recognize that our clients require top tier security solutions and train all our personnel to exhibit only the most professional of demeanors while remaining ever-vigilant against potential threats to your company’s operations, both internal and external.

As a leading security company in Denver, we have earned an outstanding reputation in the security field and our track record is goes back decades. When you trust us with your security, you are trusting one of the best security companies in the business.

Courtesy Patrol Service

In addition to stationary security guards that monitor specific locations for disturbances, we can also provide courtesy patrols in clearly marked vehicles.

There are three advantages to this type of service:

  • Marked vehicles act as a deterrent against potential deviants.
  • Vehicular patrols can rapidly arrive on-scene of a disturbance, increasing the likelihood that any disturbance is quickly dealt with.
  • Patrols extend security coverage to less vital areas and can investigate disturbances while allowing our on-foot personnel to remain at their designated posts.


As a premier security company in Colorado, our services ensure that the safety of our client’s personnel, guests, and property are never compromised. For more information on all the services and options we offer here at United Protective Services, visit our contact page or call the number at the top of your screen to speak with a representative.

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