Security Guard Services that Work Around the Clock

Security guard services at United Protective Services are built from the ground up to offer uncompromising integrity and accountability. When you hire us to take care of your security needs, you can be sure that we are fully committed to the protection of your employees, guests, and property.

Always on the Lookout

We offer around the clock services all year long, so you never have to worry about vandals, thieves, or other bad actors taking advantage of off-hours.

Our security guards company makes use of state of the art surveillance technology to keep an unblinking watchful eye on an entire site. Plus, equally advanced communications equipment allows us to quickly coordinate a response in the event of a threat. When situations arise, we are in the loop.

High Visibility, Minimal Footprint

While maintaining high visibility is an important factor in deterrence, our security guards are trained to stay out of the way of your firm’s daily operations in every way possible. After all, the whole point of security services is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our job is to let you do your job.

Get Premier Protection Today

United Protective Services is a leading provider of outstanding security guard services in Denver and throughout Colorado. If you need top tier protection for your company, residential complex, or construction site, give us a call today at the number on your screen or visit our contact page for more information. Our friendly and helpful customer service representatives are looking forward to hearing from you.

About Us

United Protective Services L.L.C. provides outstanding security services for all types of organizations and individuals.

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