Security Services Denver Trusts to Protect Personnel and Assets

Security services Denver owners and managers trust are what we do at United Protective Services; we provide top tier security for the protection of your personnel, residents, and property. Our security teams prioritize deterrence by maintaining high visibility and, if needed, the ability to provide a rapid response without sacrificing your property or business’s daily operations.

Vigilant, yet Courteous

Outstanding security guard services know how to present a professional and friendly demeanor while simultaneously remaining vigilant against potential threats such as petty criminals, youthful troublemakers, and all types of problematic individuals who present threats minor and major. Of course, having security forces on the premises is often enough in itself to keep would-be troublemakers in line. Our security teams are highly visible and active, acting as a giant warning label on your property that discourages trouble from starting and keeps your operations running smoothly.

Construction Site Benefits

Construction sites may especially benefit from our security services. They tend to be more open, presenting many potential vulnerabilities that thieves may try to capitalize on, especially at night or during off-hours. These locations tend to have more access points and a lot of valuable equipment around, so having an extra set of eyes—or many extra pairs in our case—can keep your property locked down safely without slowing down construction or refurbishment.

Of course, human threats are not the only problems that can be encountered on construction sites. Hazardous materials and combustibles tend to pepper building sites, representing a significant fire risk. Our security teams are trained for fire watch and response, giving your site a first line of defense that has the potential to mitigate or altogether avert a fire disaster.

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