Security Surveillance System

The security surveillance system we use at United Protective Services LLC augments our ability to protect our clients’ guests, personnel, and assets. Through the use of advanced surveillance equipment, we maintain a watchful eye over a property, ensuring that potential bad actors are accounted for and all incidents are recorded.

Advanced Security Surveillance Systems

Our security surveillance service makes use of two primary technologies:

  • CCTV Monitoring and Playback with Remote Speakers
  • Guard Touring Systems

CCTV Monitoring with Remote Speaker Systems

With CCTV cameras strategically placed throughout a property, our security teams have the freedom to patrol or stand watch without being spread too thin.

This keeps our teams flexible and responsive as cameras cover the less vital areas. If a hostile event arises, we can coordinate our teams while maintaining video coverage across the property.

Additionally, remote speakers allow our teams to issue warnings to would-be troublemakers if they approach restricted areas or act suspiciously. Oftentimes, a simple warning that the authorities have been contacted is enough to deter potential criminals.

Video recordings can also be played back or handed over to the authorities should a criminal act be committed, offering vital evidence.

Guard Touring Systems

Guard touring systems allow our dispatch units to keep track of patrol routes and stationed units, making sure that guards check-in at their designated posts on time. This not only ensures accountability but also furthers our ability to coordinate responses without adversely affecting our protective envelope.

For example, if an intruder is operating on the west side of a property, dispatch teams can reference touring software to determine which patrols can be spared without compromising the perimeter. The dispatcher can easily see where and how many guards are present in other sections of the property and move personnel accordingly.

Combined with crystal-clear communications and surveillance equipment, guard touring systems ultimately enhance our ability to form an effective response to a security event, yet also allow us to remain accountable to our clients.

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By combining advanced surveillance equipment with our premier roster of security staff, our clients can feel safe and secure knowing they are in competent hands. For more information about our security services in Denver, visit our contact page or call the number on your screen.

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