Vehicle Patrol Service

The vehicle patrol services we employ at United Protective Services LLC bring state of the art surveillance technology and skilled security personnel together to provide top-tier protection.

Adding vehicular security to your business or residential property increases the visibility of our presence. This not only enhances the factor of deterrence, but it also allows us to rapidly respond to potential incidents. For quality vehicle patrol services in Denver, look no further than United Protective Services.

Incorporating High Tech Equipment into our Security Services

Every vehicle-bound security patrol in Denver is monitored by advanced GPS equipment, providing us with a clear picture of where our vehicles are at all times. Add reliable communication equipment to that mix and we are ready and able to coordinate a timely response.

It only takes a few seconds for a bad situation to escalate. By saving precious time with an organized and quick response, serious incidents can be avoided.

At the same time, CCTV coverage provides the opportunity to monitor your site for disturbances from multiple angles. If our monitoring teams spot something that requires a closer look, our patrols can investigate the situation promptly. If a bad actor breaks the law and flees, CCTV playback may reveal clues and provide authorities with reliable evidence.

Finally, touring software allows us to monitor our on-foot patrols. Real-time updates ensure that checkpoints are reached on time, without issue. Combining this data with CCTV feeds and vehicular patrols gives us a complete view of everything that’s going on throughout your site without compromising your daily operations.

Visible Security Services Provide Benefits Beyond Deterrence

Just as a visible security service wards off the potential troublemakers you don’t want, it also draws in the residents and customers you do want. People are more likely to feel safe with marked vehicle patrols nearby and that’s just good business.

Get Vehicle Patrol Services Today

To face today’s threats, your on-site security needs to utilize the most advanced equipment and well-trained personnel. Our vehicle patrol services are seamlessly integrated into our security umbrella, providing your site with unparalleled protection.

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